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Little Tinkers Interactive Story Kit

Little Tinkers Interactive Story Kit


Join the Little Tinkers as they embark on epic adventures that your child helps to create! Each kit comes with an interactive read-aloud story with prompts for your kiddo to invent/tinker/create solutions to the quandries the band of friends inevitably find themselves in (think Choose Your Own Adventure, but with tinkering!).


Maybe the Tinkers need help crossing a river. Will your child imagine a scene where a giant carries them across on his head?! When we feed our kids sense of wonder with a great narrative that engages their imaginations, you never know what amazing things they'll dream up and create.


This kit includes the custom story "The Little Tinkers and the Treasure Map" which has three "invitations to create" embedded throughout the story. Simply scan the QR code and be taken to an audio file for the read-aloud and tinkering challenges.


These kits are designed for fun open-ended play. Get started with the story, and then enjoy hours of free tinkering play with the loose parts and playdough included in the kit. 


In addition, this kit includes a blank illustrate/write-your-own story book and 12-pack of colored pencils to facilitate original storytelling. Older kids can practice their writing and illustrations, and younger kiddos can draw their own stories while you capture their words.

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