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    I'm Darcy Moore (she/her), founder of the creative play company Wonder Bitz. I have a PhD in neuroscience, am an early childhood educator and have a passion for curiosity-driven learning. I discovered first-hand the power of open-ended tinkering with my own young children during the pandemic lockdowns in 2020 and have made it my mission to share the science-backed and play-equity benefits of loose parts play with families and schools everywhere. Thank you for visiting our site and please reach out with any questions, I love chatting about all things tinkering!


                                             Darcy and tinkered away independently with more joy than any other “toys” I’d seen her play with. I was hooked! Watching her imagination, creativity and confidence grow has been truly inspiring. A year ago, I had never even heard of Loose Parts Play or Tinkering, but now that I’ve discovered its magical powers, I am super motivated to share it with more parents!

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