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Melanin STEM Kit + Book

Melanin STEM Kit + Book


Introduce the science of melanin to your kids with this fun interactive STEM kit with original fun nonfiction book.


This tinkering STEM kit provides the perfect open-ended play to spark meaningful conversations about diversity and race in a fun and engaging way! 

The original story "The Skin You're In" was specially written for this kit and explains the science of skin color in a cute and fun way that is easy for little learner to understand. The story centers around the character Mel, a melanocyte, that makes the special color pigments in our skin! 

After learning all about melanin and how it determines your skin color, kids can tinker with their own "melanin" using brown food coloring to create a wide variety of different skin tones. They'll learn that the more melanin you add, the darker brown the skin appears. It's that simple!

This kit also includes a fabulous and unique resource specially made for this set: a graphic with images of 12 diverse children and a name for their matching skin shades with peek-a-boo holes to match up to compare to your own special skin color. 

There is also a color matching game to learn some positive names for different colors of diversity.

Finally, your kids can also use their imaginations and tinker with the melanin (brown rock gems) in Mel the Melanocyte and get creative as they move them around and into their own skin cells with the included loose parts materials. 

There's so much to explore and discover in this Diversity STEM Kit!


-  Melanin story science story book written specifically for this kit
-  Six clear plastic cups for experimenting with "melanin" (brown food coloring)
-  Vial with of concentrated brown food coloring (melanin) and eye dropper
-  Unique graphic resource with images of 12 diverse children and their matching skin shade colors and names with peek-a-boo holes to match up your own special skin color 
-  Plastic pipette
-  Color matching heart game
-  Melanocyte (Mel) container with melanin loose parts 
-  Person-shaped wood stir stick
-  Easy open/close carrying case/container


**This kit contains small parts and is not intended for children 3 and younger. Please keep an eye on kids as they play.**


    Cost to ship is $9.95.

    Purchases over $100 ship free.

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